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Wow!! what a great job you have done staging our flip house. Thanks soooo much and we hope it sells quickly also. 
We particularly like the flow of the house as you proposed it, especially with the arrangement in the living room and the two sitting areas. Also the kitchen/dining area provides such a good use of space. It looks spectacular with the lighting and compliments the granite, the cabinets and the appliances. So thanks for your input; it definitely works and creates a clean, contemporary impact when you walk in to the home. The bedrooms and bathrooms look wonderful also. In particular, I appreciated your attention to following through with a consistent color theme and consistent color notes, as it makes the house flow cohesively. I did take alot of photos, but the light was waning in the late afternoon, so I think I need to shoot them in broad daylight for sharper photos, so I’ll do that tomorrow.
George put up his company’s for sale sign and he will be entering it into the MLS this weekend. So thanks again for an excellent job staging 744. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the showings and hopefully with your staging expertise, will sell the home to a nice family who will happily live there.
Chris and George Bein

Hilary Lyman
21 weeks ago
Lori & Melissa staged my home for sale adding furnishings to fill out the room. The home sold in my timeframe of 60 days. Staging and professional photography sold this house (2 photos on left). In photos on right Lori and Melissa helped me furnish an upscale vacation rental; they helped me modernize a house that looked Victorian when I purchased it and bring in a more contemporary feel; it is now both elegant and comfortable. What's great about working with them is they got "me", my decor sense, and helped me see that I could still have "my style" and modern style at the same time. The reviews from the guests are that it is "stunning". I couldn't be happier with the end result. They are able to pull all the pieces together very quickly, on a small budget, and on time.